You're A Mean One 8x8 Pouch

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"You're a mean one.... Mr. Grinch!" Sneaky and conniving too! Watch that green hand while it tries to unzip your pouch and take what's inside! You cannot trust the Grinch at Christmas! Have fun with this original art pouch created by artist Teriann Shrum. It's sure to bring back memories of yesteryear and Christmas story time. 

  • Design fits the 8x8 hoop size or larger.
  • Completely Lined!
  • Machine formats included: DST, EXP, PES, JEF, VP3
  • Color chart with instructions included in PDF format.

    WATCH a slide tutorial on creating a zipper pouch using my pouch designs. Allow the slide presentation to load. There may be a small delay:

    Zipper Pouch Tutorial

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