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  • Are my orders available for immediate download?

    Yes! If you remain on the site after payment from Checkout, you will be returned back to your receipt. In the upper left corner under the word "Thank You", you will see a link to click that tells you to "download your digital files". Click that link and you are taken to your purchased files for downloading.

  • I ordered the wrong size. Can I receive a refund?

    Unfortunately no. Digital files are not tangible goods and therefore they cannot be "returned". Like the air we breathe, you cannot "see" the file because it's an electrical binary file without any way to hold it making it an "intangible goods" item. We ask that you please make sure that you order the right design and take your time at the checkout process to review your cart before you order. If we refunded, you would still have our file so you can see why refunding is not allowed for almost all digital design firms online.

  • My file is corrupt. Will you send a replacement file?

    Yes! Write us by using our Contact form at the site (link inside the heading/footer of any page) and tell us what happened. You will have a replacement file within the same business day.

  • I have suffered a hard drive crash. Can you replace all of my files purchased in previous years?

    First, let us tell you that we sincerely hope you back up your files and back the files up in many locations to help preserve your valuable inventory. Yes, for a fee, we will replace the files you have lost and send them to you on a USB Flash/Thumb Drive for your hard copy back up. This service will take 14 days to complete and shipping will follow after 14 days. We will not send the files to you digitally as it creates a work backlog here in the studio. The fee for this service is $35.00 paid by secure invoice before we start. You will have a wonderful USB Flash/Thumb Drive filled with all your designs for a hard copy back up. A shipping notification will be sent upon completion of your history backup.

  • I have ordered from you and lost my download link. How do I get my order now?

    When you order from Pixies Rule, you are sent a receipt that has your order download link. You have 5 tries for each item ordered to download before the system revokes access. This is for our protection. If you have used up all of your downloads, please contact us by using our Contact form at the link inside the Header/Footer of any page. If you still have downloads available, use this link to recover your downloads, if available, and keep it handy for future use:

    At this link, you will be required to enter the email address you used at order processing. IF the system sees you have available downloads, it will send you an email with a link to your orders.
  • Other companies offer unlimited downloads. Why don't you?

    They aren't "Pixies Rule!".... we look at it in this manner: "Would you go into Burger King and order a McDonald's Big Mac?" We have corporate rules we adhere to that are protection measures for our inventory stock. We do not abide by the corporate rules of other companies standard operation procedures. We have our own and love our individuality!

  • Thank you for making such beautiful and affordable designs. May I use your designs to stitch items for resale at craft shows?

    Yes! You may stitch items for resale using the art of Teriann Shrum from "Pixies Rule!" to the limit of 1000 items for EACH DESIGN used. Anything above 1000 items is considered mass production and licensing must be purchased to resell the items at a higher rate or mass production by machine. The digital file rights belong to Kitty Kitty Designs LLC and are not often sold. To purchase the complete rights to the digital file, please contact us by using the Contact link in any header/footer at the site and let us know which files you would like to own outright. 

  • I just ordered from my iPad or Android Tablet and I cannot download. How do I get my order by using a tablet? Please advise.

    Our files download to you in a ZIP file. The order system at "Pixies Rule!" is set up for mobile use. It works well if you place your files into a DropBox account as offered at download. What is happening is not the site and it's download system, but the tablet and it's available APP situation. IN order for you to download a ZIP file to any tablet or smartphone, you MUST HAVE AN APPROPRIATE APP installed that knows what to do with a ZIP file. They are available in the Apple Store or Google Play Store for you to choose. When installed these APP's know what to do with the file from our site. Again, it is not our site, but a lack of attention to the operation of your iPad and/or Android tablets needs.

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