Charm Pack Grab Bag

Pixies Rule

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I'm DE-STASHING! That's right! I'm moving out my stash of 100% cotton fabrics and I've created Charm Packs. These are the higher quality cotton's that I use in my studio but I'm GROWING and need floor space! As many of us create in Machine Applique, I cut my fabric purchases into serrated Charm packs. I have a STASH that's huge over the my many years. Some of these have a vintage appeal!

  • 100 - 5x5 squares of 100% cotton fabrics
  • Grab Bag Fun!
  • Multiple color arrays and patterns.
  • Two or more of every pattern in each pack.
  • Please allow 10-20 days for handling. We sold A LOT of bundles and have four machines running.
  • SHIPPING TIMES are USPS estimated. We have ZERO control over delivery/shipping times after the bundles leave the building.