Crayon Monster 9x14 Pouch

Pixies Rule

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He's delightful. He's hungry. He's waiting for you to feed him crayons! He's "Crayon Monster" and he holds your crayons when you're finished with them! He gets his brightly colored scales from digesting crayons inside his zippered bag. Teach little ones to return their crayons and "Feed the Crayon Monster" and they will learn to put their art items away. Have fun with this colorful design from artist Teriann Shrum.

  • Design fits the 9x14 hoop size or larger.
  • Design size at completion: 8.75 x 12.98
  • Completely Lined!
  • Machine formats included: DST, EXP, PES
  • Color chart with instructions included in PDF format.
  • Visual Tutorial available to help you succeed. WATCH: "A Cat For Alice" tutorial!